Sunday, April 20, 2014

Love That Album episode 60 - The Livingstone Daisies “Don’t Know What Happiness Is” and The Grapes “Western Sun”

Welcome to episode 60 of Love That Album. At the end of 2013, two of my favourite albums came from Melbourne bands, and I discuss both of them with their songwriters. 

First of all, The Livingstone Daisies brought a slice of harmony laden pop goodness into the world with “Don’t Know What Happiness Is” (their fans did after hearing it). I speak with the Daisies’ songwriter Van Walker, who has recorded a number of albums in his own right about how this supergroup came into being and this wonderful record. Think Teenage Fanclub, and you’ll get the idea.

Then, I speak to Sherry Rich who has made a myriad of great albums with her own bands (including members of Wilco), but along with Even’s Ash Naylor has reformed The Grapes. They put out a perfect pop album in 1999, and then released another wonderful country / pop hybrid album 14 years later called Western Sun. We speak about both records as well as Sherry’s time in Nashville.
Eric Reanimator returns with his Album I Love segment discussing all girl power pop band The Barbarellas with their aptly titled Queens of the Galaxy. Fans of Thee Ultra Bimboos will dig.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Love That Album Bonus Episode – The Compilation Series Ep:2 Rip Stagediving

Eric Reanimator presents episode number 2 in the Love That Album Compilation Series of podcasts, and it is hugely entertaining and informative.

This time he discusses two albums. The first is Rip It Up and Start Again, a compilation covering the post punk era of artists such as Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League, following in the wake of the initial wave of punk . He points out convincingly it’s subsequent influence on goth and indie rock.

Stagediving to the Oldies from 1995 covers second wave LA Punk covers bands like The Circle Jerks, The Vandals and Agent Orange. Eric feels that the LA punk scene never got its due, and this compilation is going some way to redress that.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love That Album episode 59 - Ross Wilson "Dark Side of the Man" and The Saints "All Fools Day"

Welcome to episode 59 of Love That Album. Joining me at LTA Headquarters is show regular, Michael Pursche (of Sitting In A Bar In Adelaide podcast). We discuss a couple of fine Australian pop albums from the eighties.
Firstly, we talk about a surprisingly neglected album of a major artist – Ross ‘The Boss’ Wilson’s “Dark Side of the Man” from 1989. We follow up with The Saints’ 1986 album “All Saints Day” – a long way from their “I’m Stranded” debut. Both albums are from artists who’d been on the music scene for a while and had changed direction. Echoes of LTA episode 58’s discussion on Bruce Springsteen’s album "High Hopes" hang over both these records. Tune into the show and discover why.

As usual, Eric Reanimator contributes another wonderful Album I Love segment, discussing The Damned’s “Black Album” from 1980. Like The Saints, they were a punk band looking for different directions to travel.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Love That Album Bonus Episode - The Comp Series Ep:1 - Songs The Cramps Taught Us

Hey folks,

Here’s an exciting new development at LTA headquarters. As you know, Eric “Reanimator” Peterson has been doing his Album I Love segment for the show for quite a large part of its history. I asked Eric if he was interested in doing an ongoing series of bonus episodes for the show, and I am thrilled to present to you the first episode of these bonus shows – Love That Album: The Compilation Series.  These shows will concentrate on great compilations, be they movie soundtracks, stylistic compilations, artist box sets..whatever takes Eric’s fancy.

….and what a corker of a start.  First episode around he discusses the three brilliant albums under the name “Songs The Cramps Taught Us”. This is a great collection of rockabilly, rock and roll, surf…all the things that influenced The Cramps’ own recordings. This is a fascinating show. Please listen to these bonus shows and give Eric your support. I look forward to hearing more from him. The AIL segment for the main shows will continue.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love That Album episode 58 - Burce Springsteen - High Hopes

Episode 58 of the Love That Album podcast has finally shaken off the curse….yes, Dr Geoff Smith has finally overcome internet dropouts, Skype collapse, my previously poor file editing skills – all collectively known as the Hiatt Curse – to join John Stirrat and myself to discuss some BROOOOOCCCCE. This is Love That Album’s third Bruce-cast. (Check out episodes 1 and 17 for further Springsteen0related chat).
Since the beginning of the 21st Century, Bruce Springsteen has found new strength and purpose. He’s been touring heavily with the beloved E Street band, and recorded (for a major artist in the current age of rock) at a prolific rate. Early 2014 has seen him release High Hopes, an album some believe should be called Tracks 2. It’s a collection of songs written over the last 10 years that didn’t make the cut on previous recordings, as well as some interesting covers. We grapple the big questions: Does the album work as one artistic statement or is it just a grab bag of songs that have no connection? Is he following similar lines to Wrecking Ball or does he cut a different path? Is the E Street Band the most hip-shaking, love-making, Viagra-taking musical entity on the planet? There is much discussion on the current tour of Australia, the last decade of Bruce-related music, and if Bruce is an overtly political songwriter.
Eric Reanimator’s “Album I Love” segment appropriately for a Bruce show is Alejandro Escovedo’s 2008 album Real Animal.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love That Album episode 57 - Michael Kiwanuka's "Home Again" and Mac Demarco's "2"

Welcome to episode 57 of the Love That Album podcast, the first for 2014.

I am joined by long time supporter but first time participant Will Smith of the wonderful Gentlemen’s Guite To Midnite Cinema podcast. We discuss albums by two songwriters who are still early into their careers. First up, we discuss, soul stylist Michael Kiwanuka’s “Home Again” (2012), then we chat about Mac Demarco’s album “2” (2013). Both artists definitely display their love of artists that have inspired them, but cleverly meld the music into something all their own. Kiwanuka’s album is a beautiful introspective look into faith and hope without hitting anyone over the head with his beliefs.  On the other hand, Demarco creates a sound that may appeal to fans of Ween. He’s got a healthy sense of humour, but as Will points out, there’s something dark hiding behind the Lynchian picket fences of his songs. Will and I look forward keenly to see what they will do next.

Eric Reanimator returns for 2014 with his terrific Album I Love segment to discuss Janelle Monae’s concept album The Arch Android, based on Metropolis.

NOTE: For the time being, Love That Album will be a monthly podcast. I have joined Tim Merrill and Wendi Freeman for a new monthly podcast about music related films called See Hear. I still get my dumb opinions out twice a month, but once per month for each podcast.

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