Monday, January 23, 2012

Love That Album - Episode 11 - The Tubes - Remote Control

Back in the seventies, San Franciscan band The Tubes set out to shock all those who saw their live shows with their satire of our obsession with materialism, white rich kids with too much time on their hands, and what REALLY went on behind the white picket fences. They were a very theatrical band, but many of their songs stand proudly without the visuals. In 1979, they recorded their final album for A & M records called “Remote Control” recounting the story of a man’s obsession (and ultimate demise) with TV. On this episode of Love That Album, Michael Pursche of the great rock interview podcast, “Sitting In A Bar in Adelaide” goes head to head with me to discuss this overlooked (and unfortunately, more relevant than ever) album. Rolling Stone thought the album stank. Allmusic says it’s great and a career highlight. What do we think? Where does Peter Sellers come into the picture? Are there really 57 channels with nothing on? Can our anti-hero find true love with the girl in the shampoo commercial? All is revealed.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Love That Album Episode 10 - Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What

Love That Album hits double digits, and I celebrate the start of 2012 by focusing on one of the great albums of 2011, Paul Simon’s “So Beautiful or So What”. Simon is in deep philosophical mode here (when isn’t he?), but unlike a couple of his most recent albums he has the melodies to match. This is a beautiful album using a small number of great musicians to convey Simon’s music in the best possible way. At the age of 70, Simon still has things to say and beautiful melodies in him to let out. This album is a career highlight.
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